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4. Topics & Focus Groups

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Focus Group:

Focus Group:

The topics of IMMEA 2015 include the fundamental and application aspects of solid-state material physics: 
  • Novel functionalities: Ferro- and piezoelectrics, Multiferroics, Metal-Insulator transition.
  • Oxide-based electronics: Memory storage devices, Oxide-based transistors,
                                                Integration to silicon environment, Resistive current switching, Memristors.
  • Nano-scale engineering:  Domain walls and domain manipulation, Ferronics, AFM, PFM,
                                               Switching phenomena.
  • Ultrafast optoelectronicsTerahertz Technologies.
  • Low-dimensional nanostructuresNanorods, nanowires and heterostructures;
                                                               Formation, controlled growth and templated synthesis
  • Energy and environment:  Energy storage and harvesting, Materials for environement, 
                                                 Electrocaloric effect, Photovoltaic oxides.