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3. Key Speakers

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Catherine Dubourdieu,  Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France, Towards complex oxide electronics on semiconductors 
Valerii VinokurArgonne National Laboratory, USA, Vortex Mott transitions: experiment and theory 
Marc D Fontana  
University of Lorraine, France 
 Lithium niobate, a versatile material for optoelectronics 
Andrew GallantDurham University, UK, Micro- and Nanoengineering of Plasmonic Terahertz Devices 
Frank Glas, Lab. for Photonics & Nanostructures, CNRS, France, Joint modelling of the kinetics and statistics of self-catalyzed nanowire growth 
Mikhail Kaliteevski
, St. Petersburg Academic University, Russia, 
InAs - monolayer–based Bragg structures 
Stanislav Kamba, Institute of Physics, Czech Republic, Electromagnons in multiferroics and magnon spintronics
Arūnas Krotkus, Centre Phys. Sci.& Technology, Lithuania, Dilute bismide technology for optoelectronic devices
Feodor Kusmartsev, Loughborough University, UK, 
New photovoltaic materials based on graphene-P3HT hybrids
Petr KuželInstitute of Physics, Czech Republic, Ultrafast Terahertz Conductivity in Nanoscaled Systems
Benissa RhoutaUniversity of Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco, Innovative multifunctional materials for environment
Anton Egorov, Ioffe Institute, Russia, Diluted nitride semiconductors: Physics and Applications
Alexey Kavokin, University of Southampton, UK, Bosonic cascade terahertz lasers
Hamid ez-ZahraouyUniv. Mohammed V, Morocco, Theoretical investigation of oxyde semiconductor materials doped TM in bulk and thin films 
Kader ZaidatInstitut Polytechnique de Grenoble, France, Innovative silicon ingot for Photovoltaics applications 
Dagou ZezeDurham University, UK, Nanostructured Materials and Devices 
Nicolas ChauvinLyon Institute of Nanotechnology, France, III-V nanowires on silicon for light emission in the telecom band
Peter KrogstrupUniversity of Copenhagen, Danmark, Semiconductor-superconductor nanowire epitaxy
George Cirlin
, St. Petersburg Academic University, Russia, 
Arsenide Based Coherent Nanowires on Silicon Substrates: MBE Growth And Properties 
Mohammed Shabat
University of Gaza, Palestine, 
Wide-angle and wavelength-independent perfect absorption at metamaterial surfaces
Kramer Akli
The Ohio State University
, USA, 
Interaction of intense light with micro- and nano-engineered materials
Arafa Aly
Beni-Suef University
, Egypt, 
How we can save the energy by using photonic crystals?




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