International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications IMMEA-2015

will take place in Marrakech  Morocco, 09 12 September 2015

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The 1st International Symposium on Physics of Data Storage will be held 17-19 December 2015 at University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens, France. Click the logo to get more information:

The International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications IMMEA - 2015 is the regular meeting of the network "Mediterranean Electronic Materials - MeM".

IMMEA-2015 follows the series of biannual meetings organized between 2003 and 2013 in different Mediterranean countries and which attracted the well-known researchers
from Maghreb and European Union. The continuation, development and integration of MeM network into international research structures are the principal objectives of the congress.  IMMEA 2015 will focus on the practical application of new materials, including materials processing, characterization, microstructure manipulation, modeling, application and device fabrication. 

The topics of IMMEA 2015 include the fundamental and application aspects of solid-state material physics:
  • Novel functionalities: Ferro- and piezoelectrics, Multiferroics, Metal-Insulator transition
  • Oxide-based electronics: Memory storage devices, Oxide-based transistors, Integration to silicon environment, Resistive current switching, Memristors.
  • Nano-scale engineering:  Domain walls and domain manipulation, Ferronics, AFM, PFM, Switching phenomena.
  • Ultrafast optoelectronics: Terahertz Technologies.
  • Low-dimensional nanostructures Nanorods, nanowires and heterostructures; Formation, controlled growth and templated synthesis.
  • Energy and environment:  Energy storage and harvesting, Materials for environment, Electrocaloric effect, Photovoltaic oxides

Focus groups which concentrate on the latest advances in material nano-physics will be organized 
by the NOTEDEV and NANOEMBRACE Initial training networks:

Traditionally, IMMEA will be held together with International Workshop on Smart Materials & Structures, concentrating on the practical application of new materials, including  materials processing, characterization, microstructure manipulation, modeling, application and device fabrication. The synergy of both events will follow the achievements of modern physics from basic fundamental principles to application in high-tech industry. 


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