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4. Invited Speakers

Younes Abid, University of Sfax, Tunisia, 
           Nano-structured hybrid materials for Optoelectronic

Abdelillah Benyoussef,  Royal Acad. Sci. , Morocco 
           Multifunctional oxide-semiconductors.  

Mohamed Es-Souni,  University of Applied Sciences Kiel, Germany 
Applications of PMN-PT based single crystals for high-detectivity pyroelectric detectors

Najoua Kammoun, University of Elmanar-Tunis, Tunisia, 
           Low cost nano-materials

Zdravko Kutnjak,  Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
         Electrocaloric effect in ferroelectrics and relaxor materials

Peter Kuzel, Institute of Physics, Czech Acad. Sci.
       Tunable ferroelectric structures for THz applications.

Ricardo Lobo, ESPCI - Paris 
       Infrared Spectroscopy of Multiferroic Materials: Magnons, Phonons and Electromagnons 

Céline Lichtensteiger,  University of Geneva, Switzerlnd  
        Investigation of intrinsic domains in PbTiO3 ultrathin films: from nanodots to nanostripes

Najeh Mliki, University of Elmanar-Tunis, Tunisia, 
          Nano-structured functional Materials

Roberto Moreira,  UFMG - Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
        Ferroelectric Polymers

Matthias Wuttig RWTH - Aachen Germany
        The Impact of Disorder on Transport in Crystalline Phase Change Materials