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IMMEA 2007 : Venue

The IMMEA-2007 will be held in FSTG of Marrakech, Morocco . This large tourist Medieval City with well developed infrastructure is situated in the middle of Morocco , on north of the High Atlasmountains . There are many monuments and other attraction in Marrakech , such as famous Koutoubia mosque, Suuq and the square Jamaa l-Fnaa. It is from Marrakech that Morocco has received its modern name. The international Airport of Marrakech is connected with largest World Airports by numerous regular and tourist low-cost charter flights.

Travel information

Possibilities to come in Marrakech:

- Airport of Marrakech not far from the city (take taxi to the hotel)

- Airport of Casablanca Mohamed V (4hours from Marrakech): take the train of the airport until Marrakech (starting from 5h of the morning each 2heures)

Train operator in Morocco (ONCF)

 - Airport of Agadir (4hours from Marrakech) (Bus ONCF comfortable starting from 5h each 2h or Taxi

Registration & Hotels

Reservation by the organizing Committee

  • The organizing Committee reserved for you a room (bungalow, studio,…) in the Club of Moroccan (University Club) and hotel 2* that is situated not away from the Faculty .This is the very agreeable place with nice palm garden, basin, restaurant….
  • The prize of the room is of the order of 300MAD/day that you should pay directly to the Administration of Club.
    • Hotel Alhamra : only for the person how have reserved rooms in this hotel 
      24, Av Abdelkarim El Khattabi
      Marrakech Guéliz
      Tél : 024 44 80 42
    • Club de l’ONE 
      C.O.S-O.N.E route de Souihla Targa. Marrakech 
      Tél : 024 34 71 14

Please for any information contact : Mezzane Daoud ( +212(0)73032070 )

You can reach the club or the hotel by taxi. The price from the Airport should be of the order 70MAD.



Rates are valid from April 30 till 26 May 2007

Prices are per person & per way on Moroccan dirham MAD (1 Euro = 11 MAD)

Category of HotelsSingle room on Bed & BreakfastSingle room on half boardDouble room on bed & breafastDouble room on half board
5*MAD 948,00MAD 1110,00MAD 1320,00MAD 1640,00
4* MAD 653,00 MAD 930,00
3*MAD 530,00MAD 635,00MAD 720,00MAD 930,00
2*MAD 230,00 MAD 330,00 
ClubMAD 235,00
 MAD 360,00 
studiosMAD 550,00 ( without break fast and 3personnes maximum)

S: Rooms are subject to availability RETURN TRANSFERS