IMMEA - 2007

Meeting Scope

The International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications (IMMEA - 2007) follows the First Moroccan Meeting on Electronics Materials - PREMME (Errachidia, September 2005) that attracted the well-known researchers both from Morocco and from several European countries. This meeting initiated creation of the Moroccan network "Materials for Electronics Applications - MEM" ( ).

The continuation, development and integration of the MEM network into international research structures are the principal objectives of the congress IMMEA 2007. The principal emphasis will be done on:

  • Exchange the information about the fundamental and application research developments in the area of electro-active materials on the national and international level.
  • Valorisation of the national competence in the electro-active materials research and activation the international co-operation links.
  • Integration the countries of Maghreb into network MEM.
  • Facilitation of the young scientists access into the recent materials research achievements.

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- Abstract book (pdf)
V. 372 
special issue "IMMEA-2007" 
ed. I. Lukyanchuk, D. Mezzane 
Taylor & Francis, 2007
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Conference topics
  • Dielectric materials, magnetic Materials
  • Semiconductor, Sensors
  • Nano materials
  • Materials for the telecommunications
  • Materials for energy storage and environmental protection
  • Ceramics, glasses, polymers and natural materials

    Key dates

    Abstract submission deadline : 
    11 February 2007

    Acceptance of papers : 
    28 February 2007

    Registration deadline : 
    20 march 2007



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