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Travel Information

Morocco is a tourist country. Accordingly there are a lot of competing economic companies that serve the main International airports of the country:  Al Massira (Agadir) (AGA)   Menara (Marrakech) (RAK) and Mohammed-V - (Casablanca) (CMN).
Since the conference will take place at the end of the hot tourist season, we strongly advise you to reserve your tickets as soon as possible to achieve the best result.

Regular Companies that have the most frequent flights to Morocco from Europe are Royal Air Maroc (more economic) and Air France . Practically all North-Africa companies are also connected with Morocco. Depending on the day of flight, they can propose the very attractive tariffs,  if book  in advance. 

Low-Cost companies (EasyJet, Jet4you, Ryanair, TUIfly... see here) that serve airport of Agadir are numerous economic and quite reasonable, but  sometimes don’t appear in Internet.  we recommend to use the web-sites or  or your travel agency to localize them.

a) If you arrive to the International  Airport of Agadir  - Al Massira  please change the money and take a taxi to get the conference place.

Please look around before take a taxi! 
The best  is to find the regular taxi station  then follow the occasional self-promoting drivers.
The price,  is better to negotiate in advance.  Give the preference to the economic "Petit Taxi" (Small Taxi) for 4 passengers. You can also try to find the less expensive collective taxi.
The typical price to the conference location for "Petit Taxi" would be around 150DH (15Euro). It is duplicated at night time.

By bus: Bus No 22 runs every hour to Inezgane. Tickets 4DH. From there take a bus to Agadir

Although, the individual airport-hotel transfer is not provided by  IMMEA, the compact groups of participants can be  meet by organizers. Please fill the information about your flight at the Confirmation Form.

b) If you have a correspondence via International  Casablanca Airport of Mohamed V, sometimes it can be more practical to take instead the train from Casablanca  to Marrakech integrated with the bus Marrakech-Agadir. Beyond substantial economy (up to 40-50%) you will be sure that you will arrive in time. The domestic flights Casablanca - Marrakech are sometimes canceled or delayed  since airport Mohammed V is the principal connection hub for West-Africa countries.

If you select to go by train, after the money change, you should take first the local train (~20min) to arrive to the station “Casa Voyageur” to take the Inter-City train to Marrakech (~3h30min) and then change to the connected  bus
(~3h30min), that is integrated to the railway system. You can buy the whole-way ticket to Marrakech (~23Euro or 230DH) directly in the Rail-Way Ticket office in Airport where you will get also the information about the train correspondence. Upon arrive to Agadir  take a "Petit Taxi" to get  the conference place. The train time-table  Airoport MEDV - Casa-Voyageur - Marrakech -Agadir you can find in .

c) If you arrive in airport of Marrakech, take comfortable ONCF bus (4h) circulating from 5h each 2h or Taxi 

d) By bus: we recommend societies: or Ticket Marrakech-Agair is arround 10ODH (10Euro)

e) you can arrive also by the private yacht :)