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plenary: 45min, invited: 25+5 min, oral: 25+5 min

- Natalia Berloff, (invited) Univ. of Cambridge UK
        Vortex dynamics and turbulence inexcton-polariton condensates
- Lahcen Bih FST-Errachidia    Morocco   
        Glass transition in amorphous materials

- El-Mostafa Bourim, Energy Research Center, Seoul,  South Korea 
        "Ferroelectric polarization Effect on PZT/PCMO heterostructure based resistive memory
- Gustau Catalan,(invited) ICREA and CIN2 Barcelona, Spain
        The nanoscience of big crystals: surface layers, domain walls and relaxors

 - Yaovi Gagou, Univ. Picardie, France,
        Structural refinement and phase transitions in GdK2Nb5O15 ceramic
- Jean-Raymond Gavarri, Univ. Toulon et Var, France,
        Electrical properties of rare earth based materials
- Manuel Pedro Graça, Aveiro University,  Portugal,
        Temperature effect on the structural and dielectric properties of NbO-MnO composites
- Alexei Gruverman(plenary)  Univ. Nebraska, USA
        Dynamic switching behavior in ultrathin  
ferroelectric structures
- Alexei Kavokin,(invited) Univ. Southampton, UK
        5-dimensional optical memory based on the fused silica
- Hamadi Khemakhem:
Univ. Sfax, Tunisia
        Effect of Neodymium on microstructural, optical and dielectric proprieties of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3

Nadhira Bensaada Laidani, Centro Materiali e Microsistemi, Trento, Italy
        Defects probing and effects in oxide films and nanostructures"

- Mohammed Hamdani   , University Ibn Zohr Agadir, Morocco
        Preparation of Co3O4 particles and their application to oxygen evolution reaction
- Oleg Kibis Novosibirsk, Russia  Magnetically controlled terahertz absorption and emission in carbon nanotubes
- Marc Lethiecq, University of Tours, France        
        Curved structures based on piezoelectric thick films for combined medical imaging and therapy application
- Igor Lukyanchuk, Univ. Picardy, France
        Graphite and Graphene: from fundamental to applications
- Mimoun El Marssi, Univ. Picardy, France        
        Lead-Free Paraelectric-Ferroelectric Superlattics
- Maria Luisa Medarde, (invited) Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland 
     Metal-insulator transitions in perovskite nickelates. 
- Patrycja Paruch,(invited)  Univ. Geneva, Switzerland 
       Discovering new functionalities at ferroelectric domain walls
- Mikhail Portnoi (plenary)  Univ. of Exeter, UK
         Novel sources and detectors of THz radiation
- James Scott (plenary); Cavendish Lab., UK  
- Imen Sfar-Jeribi , (invited) Univ. Tunis, Tunisia
         Role of disorder in inhomogeneous superconductors : the case of layered superconductors
- Alexandr Sidorkin, Voronezh State University, Russia  
        Electric properties of matrix and mix nanocomposites with ferroelerctric inclusions


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