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Network MeM

IMMEA is the regular meeting of the Mediterranean Electronic Materials (MeM)  that joints the researchers from Europe and North Africa countries:  Mauritania, Morocco, Alger, Tunis and Egypt. 

The previous IMMEA - meetings were organized :
  • IMMEA-2003 (Marrakech),

  • IMMEA-2005 (Er-Rachidia),

  • IMMEA-2007 (Marrakech, 200 participants),

  •  IMMEA-2009 (Hammamet, Tunis, 300 participants, 

Activity of the network MeM was supported by various national and international organization such as 

  • NATO: Collaborative Linkage Grant CLG-980055 (2003-2006) and organization of  Advanced Research Workshop “Smart Materials for Electronic Communication and Security :ARW-SMECS in 2007.  

  • European 7th Framework, Program, FP7-IRSES program  grant “ROBOCON”.

  • French-Moroccan Foreign Ministry bilateral program “PAI-VOLUBILIS"

  • Morocco-Tunisia Foreign Ministry bilateral collaborative project

  • UNESCO  Mediterranean School on Nano-Physics: MnanoPhys - 2010