IMMEA - 2011

International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications -2011
14-16 Sept. 2011,   Agadir,   Morocco                       

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The International Meeting on Materials for Electronic Applications IMMEA - 2011 is the regular meeting of the network "Mediterranean Electronic Materials - MeM" ( ). IMMEA-2011 follows the series of meetings organized in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 in different Mediterranean countries and attracted the well-known researchers from Maghreb and European Union  (Read more..).The continuation, development and integration of the MeM network into international research structures are the principal objectives of the congress IMMEA 2011.
This year,
IMMEA 2011 will be held together with 4th International Workshop  on Smart Materials & Structures, concentrating on the practical application of new materials,  including  materials processing, characterization, microstructure manipulation, modeling, application and device fabrication. The synergy of both events will  follow the achievements of modern physics from basic fundamental principles to application in high-tech industry.

The list of topics of IMMEA 2011 includes the fundamental aspects of solid-state material physics related to
  • Supeconductivity and Magnetism
  • Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Materials
  • Materials for energy conversion, transmission and conservation
  • Semiconductors and optoelectronics
  • New developpements in Terahertz and Microwave radiation will be accomodated in 5* Hotel  Palais des Roses at the beach of Agadir, inside of magnificent garden that stands like an oasis right at the heart of the sea resort in Morocco. Read More...
 Morocco is the safe tourist country. Here are several advices for those who decided to know this wonderful land better. Read More...

The congress IMMEA will be organized in frames of the European FP7 mobility programs IRSES-ROBOCON and TERACAN. Special attention will be placed on promoting knowledge transfer, networking and international cooperation in the broad area of materials science. Therefore, participation of young researchers is highly welcomed.


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